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Vocals: Call and Response on measure 17-25 (Verse to pre-chorus)
Guitars Solo high and low: Counter Melody on measure 57-73 (Bridge)

In the vocals I doubled the main melody and the call and response is made in another track.


Intro: Emaj7-C#m9
Verse: Emaj7-C#m9-F#m7-B/F#
Pre-Chorus: F#m7-B
Chorus: A-Asus4-Am-E-Eadd9
Bridge: C#min7-BMaj7-F#Maj7-G#m add9 G#m7 (Here I used a modulation to G#min scale, using C#min7 as a pivot chords present in both scales.)
Outro: Emaj7-C#m9

Bass: From measure 17 to 25 I used a pedal bass on F# (The chords are F#min7 and B)

Cajon & Stomp

Bongoes & Cabasa

Intro and outro had a timbre driven percussion, I used a guitar with a capo on the fret board and hit the bridge with mallets to create harmonics on the key of E major. and I also sweep the frets as an other texture percussion.
Sweep percussion and Harmonics percussion are the name of the tracks.

Mixing details:
I used panning to create a nice image of the song, panning the pads to extreme left and right and then giving each instrument an space. Also the guitars in the counter melody are slightly panned to left and right.

I used EQ and a high pass filter in everything except the drums and the bass so it wouldn’t be troubles in low frequencies.

I added reverb and delay effects to add perspective.

I used automation to play with the volumes and give each part their specific texture boost.

I balanced every instrument based on the vocals so it wouldnt be any trouble with clipping.

I did panning automation on the sweep percussion and in the guitar on the bridge so it would go to the middle and didn’t clash with the solo guitars.

"PICK 5 LIST" Items:

1) Timbre-driven drum groove: Harmonics percussion and Sweep percussion from measure 1 to 9 and from measure 81 to 85

2) Composite Meter on the bridge from measure 57 to 73, also the tempo goes from 95 to 80 in this section.
3) breaks in the texture at measure 81 between the chorus and the outro
4) Solo moment for an instrument playing an otherwise non-foreground role before that point in time in the piece: In the bridge the Guitar Solo high and Low from measure 57 to 73
5) Pedal Bass from measure 17 to 25 F# was the pedal note on the bass going from F#min7 to B/F#
6) Composed Intro & Outro

7) Harmonic sequence: The guitar on the verses follows a syncopated rhythm. the piano follows a different pattern on the verses and the intro & outro than the guitar. Also the bass follows the guitar rhythm, not a full concert rhythm in the song but it is between these two instruments.


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